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Can't view your old home movies? Blame bit rot!

Did you know "bit rot' is the term given to old photographic viewing equipment that has become obsolete?  That means the equipment used to view slides, 8mm film, 16mm film, VHS tapes, video 8, and mini DVC cassettes, isn't being manufactured or has become increasingly difficult to repair or replace parts. Home movies that were once so cutting edge are now gathering dust.  

So what do you do with those reels of family vacations and children's first steps? We have the solution!  We have the means to convert many types of media to a digital format, which not only preserves them but allows you to share those memories again.

Media Conversion services include:

  • Convert print photos to digital files

  • Convert slides to digital files

  • Convert VHS/DVC cassettes to digital

  • Convert 8 mm/16 mm film to digital

  • Create structure to your new digital library

  • Information on managing your new digital library, including software recommendations

  • Projects customized to each client's needs. Flexible packages are available.