Is your Digital Photo Library growing out of control?


Capturing our memories has changed dramatically in the past two decades. With advances in technology, it is estimated over one trillion digital photos were taken in 2015.  Images are at risk of being lost or deleted and digital libraries keep growing with the best photos often forgotten.

Whether your library is 500 or 50,000 images, PICTURES IN PLACE can identify the album worthy shots from the poor quality, duplicates and random images.  In addition, we catalogue the digital confusion to create a structured format relevant to how you want to access to your memories- chronological, by event or even location.  We then give you the guidance and tools you need to maintain those 'best practices' yourself.

Digital services range from:

  • Downloading, storing and protection of digital images (from multiple devices, Mac and PC platforms)

  • Organizing digital images into a simple, structured format

  • Renaming files so they are relevant and searchable

  • Rating files into A-B-C categories

  • Coaching on how to manage your new digital library, including software recommendations

  • Creating digital photo books for special occasion – wedding, anniversaries, graduations, vacations, birthdays, business portfolios

  • Projects customized to each client's need.  Flexible packages are available.