"Trish did a fantastic job at organizing all of our photos.  Over the years my family and I just uploaded our digital photos to our computer until one day we realized that we had over 50,000 photos.  The photos were not organized or structured in any meaningful way. We could never find photos that we were looking for and they were slowing down our computer to the point that we thought we needed a new one. After a scare of thinking we lost all of our photos, I called Pictures in Place. Trish did an amazing job, organizing our library of photos by date and event, eliminated duplicates, fuzzy and poor quality shots.  We now have a library of pictures that is easy to navigate, find photos and will stay organized going forward.  In addition everything is properly backed up and secure!

Thank you Trish for eliminating all the frustration and anxiety.  We could not be happier!" 

D.B., Toronto, ON

Trish created a Photo Book for my wife to celebrate a special birthday. It captured many of the special moments of her first 50 years as a daughter, friend, wife, mom and aunt. Thank you for helping me create this lovely book that was such a meaningful gift. 

A.C. Toronto, ON